Tailored Individual Support to Grow Your Practice

I'm very passionate about working one-on-one with students of all experience levels and ages to build a stronger foundation,  go deeper into ones yoga practice and self/body awareness. Private sessions are perfect for:


  • Beginners looking to learn and build fundamentals

  • Surfers, climbers, runners, dancers or other athletes

  • Pregnant women and postnatal mothers

  • Seniors seeking increased circulation and mobility

  • Anyone ready to take their practice to next level


With 100% of my attention on and off the mat, each private session is tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs of the day. We work on an intimate level to build a trusting student-teacher relationship and that’s where the magic happens. Soon you will experience more flexibility, strength and awareness with positive affects seeping into your daily life.


Private Sessions Include:


  • Customized sequences with hands-on adjustments

  • Non-judgmental and compassionate environment

  • Prescribed yoga practice for your individual needs

  • Deeper asanas, pranayamas and meditations

  • 100% of my support on and off the mat


How It Works:

Offered in multiple locations around San Francisco, we work together once or twice a week for 60-minute private sessions. We start by building your physical awareness and then go deeper into aspects of breath work, meditation and the energy body. With intimate attention to each posture, I guide you through the alignment points and modifications right for you. Asking questions and feeling the difference in your body will accelerate your physical and philosophical understanding, empowering you with a more balanced practice at home and in community.


Email me today for a quick consultation to see if private sessions are right for you.


Judith Ripp, 75 -- I began private sessions with Sarah after having been away from yoga for 15 years.  In addition to being out of practice I have a number of body issues due to aging and illness that I did not have back then.  Sarah immediately Intuited what I needed and provided it in our weekly hour long sessions. What I particularly appreciate is the nature of  Sarah's spirituality, without cant or new age cliches, it comes straight from the heart and manifests in the physical practice.

​Stef Baker, 35​​ -- I started with Sarah to deepen my practice and master certain poses that were challenging for me, as well as to connect more deeply with my breathing and learn ways to use the practice to manage stress. ​Sarah helped me bring my practice to the next level, by helping me fully and correctly  engage my body, breath and mind.  ​She added a very healing and restorative dimension ​to my practice, as well as an understanding of the correct alignment and a more fluid flow. There is something incredibly special about her teaching - in class and one-on-one, that perfectly combines the yin and yang in each class. I always feel restored after time with Sarah - because of her incredible teaching and warm, kind and vibrant way!

Isobel Jones, 49 -- I REALLY needed to make exercise part of my life/self-care, but with a busy career and family I never managed to get around to it… and honestly, I’m not and never have been athletic.  My husband took matters into his own hands; he signed me up for a private session with Sarah and I was hooked!  For 3 years I have met Sarah for one-on-one time twice a week.  For the first time ever, I am exercising regularly and enjoying it.  With infinite patience, humor, encouragement and support, Sarah has helped me build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.  She is also very knowledgeable and attuned to her students, modifying each session to focus on what will work and what is needed --- whether because of a temporary physical limitation or to build for the long term.  For example, Sarah focused on strengthening my core and my back is 10x better for it. I continue to be amazed by how much more energetic, relaxed, centered and focused I am when I see Sarah.  I feel recharged and ready to face the day! Even if you think you can’t do yoga, you can with Sarah.  Trust me.  I’ve been there.

Lis Pullin -- ​I've been doing yoga for a few years, but I had a few surgeries on my wrist over the last year, as well as a damaged vertebrae in my neck. I was able to book a few private sessions with Sarah after my first surgery, and they were a life saver! Her understanding of my individual needs, and patience in working through them made it seem possible to do difficult poses again. She helped me create a step-by-step yoga practice that I could do at home, until my wrist heals completely. She put a lot of love and attention into our private yoga sessions to make sure I got exactly what I needed out of them. I have now had a daily at-home practice, and have even started returning to her full classes, with the knowledge I need to modify my yoga poses correctly. I was recently lucky enough to attend one of her retreats in Mexico. During the entire week, I felt as if I had a few more private sessions, because she helped us all modify when needed, and clearly knew all of our limitations very well! I If it weren't for Sarah's incredible private sessions, I would not be nearly as strong, flexible, or healthy as I am today. Thank you Sarah.

Erica Fox, 31 -- I am so thankful to have found Sarah.  Prior to taking her classes, my yoga practice had taken a back seat to an unhealthy work/life balance.  And, despite my earlier years of dance and regular exercise, it became clear that my body was beginning to suffer from both the mental and physical stress of a desk job.  I sought out a private yoga session with Sarah so that I could understand what proper alignment looked like in each pose, and perhaps most importantly, what proper alignment looked like for me within the constraints of my own body.  Within just two sessions, Sarah was able to identify why a particular pose had been causing me pain and how I could use blocks to avoid discomfort and enjoy a safer practice.  As a former dancer, Sarah's incorporates an awareness of body alignment that is particularly important to me and her style feels so natural.  Working with Sarah has provided me with the time and space to reconnect. I am forever grateful.