You receive 100% of my kind and focused attention. During our time, each private is tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs. We work on an intimate level to build a trusting student-teacher relationship and that  is where the magic happens. With time, practice and consistency you will experience more self and somatic awareness, flexibility, stability and tools to integrate into your daily life.


  • Expanding your mind +  body  awareness 

  • Learning mindfulness practices 

  • Breaking down the fundamentals of yoga

  • Therapeutic hands-on adjustments

  • Non-judgmental and compassionate environment

  • Personalized home yoga + mindfulness  practice 

  • Asanas, pranayamas and meditations for your personal needs

  • Book recommendations to support your yoga journey 

  • 100% of my support on and off the mat

Working one on one is a wonderful opportunity to ask the tough questions, to address the areas in your practice that could use refinement and learn how to intelligently tailor your Yoga practice to your daily needs. With time and with open loving awareness you will generate the sensitivity required to deepen one's practice, together we’ll begin the journey gently and skillfully. 



In person sessions are held at my San Francisco wellness space:

3322 Steiner Street 

San Francisco, CA 94123



  • Looking to develop self-care practices  

  • Ready to evolve and deepen ones practice 

  • Experiencing pain or discomfort in the body

  • Seeking modifications for an injury or physical limitation 

  • Prenatal and postnatal women 

  • Too busy to fit your schedule around weekly public classes 

  • Seeking holistic strategies to manage anxiety, depression, and stresses of city life

  • New to yoga and not sure where to start 


We work together once or twice a week for 30 to 60-minute private sessions. We start by checking in with your desired outcome. We build your physical awareness and then go deeper into aspects of breath work, meditation and the energy body. With intimate attention to each posture, I guide you through the alignment points and modifications right for you. Asking questions and feeling the difference in your body will accelerate your physical and philosophical understanding, empowering you with a more balanced practice at home and in community.


"I REALLY needed to make exercise part of my life/self-care, but with a busy career and family I never managed to get around to it… and honestly, I’m not and never have been athletic.  My husband took matters into his own hands; he signed me up for a private session with Sarah and I was hooked!  For 3 years I have met Sarah for one-on-one time twice a week.  For the first time ever, I am exercising regularly and enjoying it.  With infinite patience, humor, encouragement and support, Sarah has helped me build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.  She is also very knowledgeable and attuned to her students, modifying each session to focus on what will work and what is needed --- whether because of a temporary physical limitation or to build for the long term.  For example, Sarah focused on strengthening my core and my back is 10x better for it. I continue to be amazed by how much more energetic, relaxed, centered and focused I am when I see Sarah.  I feel recharged and ready to face the day! Even if you think you can’t do yoga, you can with Sarah.  Trust me.  I’ve been there."

- Isobel