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I have been leading yoga retreats around the world since 2012, from Mexico and Panama to Bali and beyond. It all started with my passion for travel and curiosity for pairing it with yoga and surfing for deep transformation. My first retreat was in Sayulita, Mexico, and it blew me away to see the profound experience my students had and how shockingly comfortable I was in this role. It was a natural fit. I was deeply INSPIRED. 


Since then, I never stopped. As time has gone by, I have created a wonderful “retreat community:” a diverse group of students that not only practice together but now travel together as lifelong friends outside of the yoga studio. Seeing people connect and create meaningful experiences and relationships inspires me to keep leading retreats around the world. My intention starts here: 


  • To build a deep sense of community within the retreat group

  • To intentionally cut out the noise and slow you down 

  • To place you in an environment that supports and facilitates deep restoration


Ultimately, through the daily practice of yoga and abundance of nature all around, you will soon experience the healing potency of the “retreat recipe.” This is a recipe that I’ve been brewing and fine tuning over many years of exploration, and presently it looks and tastes pretty amazing. I hope you will give yourself this experience and join me! 



The Ocean: All retreats are by the water. I intentionally and personally I hand select our retreat location with the sea at our doorstep. Surfing, swimming and walking the shores daily can do wonders to one's spirit! 


Yoga + Wellness Practices: All retreats are centered around the yoga practice with a blend of Hatha Flow Yoga, Satya, Yin and  Restorative and meditation. 


Community: You will feel a part of something, surrounding yourself with likeminded spirits who share the same zest for life. We build connection through Inspiring conversations, laughter and sharing our dreams and visions. 


Nourishing Food: We bring the highest intention to fuel you with the freshest, cleanest and most delicious food possible. Our team sources as much as we can from the land and local communities, always accommodating all dietary needs. 


Environmental Awareness: I work with retreat centers that support sustainable development, care about preserving the surrounding land and local communities, and use minimal to zero single use plastics. 


Culture: Experiencing a new culture is like stepping into a whole new world: you're exposed to different languages, smells, colors, sights, sounds, and people. Taking the time to travel to a different part of the world and a new culture will completely change your life. 


Growth: Going on a yoga retreat is a wonderful way to take the deep plunge and commit yourself to your personal practice. When you’re fully immersed for a period of time, you can really evolve your practice and inner personal growth to new levels. 

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