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"I've been doing yoga for a few years, but I had a few surgeries on my wrist over the last year, as well as a damaged vertebrae in my neck. I was able to book a few private sessions with Sarah after my first surgery, and they were a life saver! Her understanding of my individual needs, and patience in working through them made it seem possible to do difficult poses again. She helped me create a step-by-step yoga practice that I could do at home, until my wrist heals completely. She put a lot of love and attention into our private yoga sessions to make sure I got exactly what I needed out of them. I have now had a daily at-home practice, and have even started returning to her full classes, with the knowledge I need to modify my yoga poses correctly. I was recently lucky enough to attend one of her retreats in Mexico. During the entire week, I felt as if I had a few more private sessions, because she helped us all modify when needed, and clearly knew all of our limitations very well! I If it weren't for Sarah's incredible private sessions, I would not be nearly as strong, flexible, or healthy as I am today. Thank you Sarah."

- Liz, Private Practice Student

"Four things I get out of Sarah's public classes:  1) a sense of peace and calm that stays with me; 2) a sense of pride in my body and what it is capable of; 3) clarity of thought; 4) ability to balance my intense work life with a welcome serenity. What keeps me coming back? All of the above! Knowledge that your voice and words will resonate with me long after class ends. Anticipation of deep breaths that will fill me with awareness. My entire body, my mind, my being welcomes and looks forward to my time on the mat with you.  A huge thank you!"

- Wanda, Public Practice Student

"I always looked forward to my private sessions with Sarah. I felt her warmth and genuine care as she patiently listened to how I felt both physically and emotionally, and offered insights and instruction that I could apply to my home and group practice. I am grateful for her teachings, which helped my yoga and mindfulness reach a different place.  Now, I still enjoy her group classes, which never fail to soothe my body and mind."

- Nina, Private Practice Student

"Sarah teaches a practice like few others. She creates a space devoid of that competitiveness so often present in yoga classes. The focus is on alignment and breath work and, most importantly, on cultivating body awareness without judgement. She taught me how to explore and learn from a pose instead of wrenching myself into it just to get there. I fell in love with her classes for this reason, and as I continue to show up, there are more gifts. I've found even more joy in the welcoming community Sarah encourages, and I'm learning how to carry the calmness and awareness from practice out into my every day life. Thank you Sarah! ."

- Anna, Public Practice Student

"Sarah never disappoints.  She intuitively knows how to read the room and structure the class to everyone's satisfaction.  No matter how I feel when class begins, I always leave feeling I got what I needed.  A talented instructor who knows what she is doing."

- Henry, Public Practice Student

"This was  a precious opportunity to allow my body to revel in self care with two delightful yoga sessions each day, day after day, 7 days in a row, with the most patient, sincere, dedicated yoga instructor ever -- Sarah! -- in beautiful, warm, natural surroundings amongst like minded individuals, all the while provided with healthy foods and allowing for daily meditation and introspection. The true definition of a retreat! Gracias!"

- Wanda, Retreater

"My Experience with Sarah’s yoga retreats are truly memorable.  Her attention to the details of the settings, the way she leads her practices and her commitment to the overall attendees experience made the two retreats I attended a perfect opportunity to open myself up to growth in my yoga and as a person.  I loved them and can’t wait to attend my next one!"

- David, Retreater

"I went on the yoga retreat hoping for a get away and disconnect from work and stress of every day life, and also some good healthy exercise for the mind and body. I can't even express how rejuvenated and fulfilled I was during and after the retreat! It was one of the most spiritually, mentally, and physically healing things I've ever done for myself, thanks to Sarah! I recommend it to anyone who needs a refresher course in how to live a happy life, one day at a time!"

- Lis, Retreater

"I have had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with Sarah since 2011.

I was newly sober and in desperate need to find a healthy way to learn how to be in my body. To understand and embrace the power of yoga in my healing was something I was committing too and Sarah was a big part of that.

Her beauty, grace and compassion is something she brings to her practice. 

Over the years I have brought my husband and our three daughters to her classes and retreats. 

Having the opportunity to share these experiences with my daughters in particular, has brought us closer."

- Paula, Public Practice Student and Retreater

"Sarah is a genuinely incredible instructor, mentor, and human being. Her public classes are warm and welcoming to all who walk through the door. Those who frequent her classes have the ability to really dive deep into their practice, as she hones in on and strengthens different aspects of both the breath and asana. She gently pushes you toward personal growth in your regular practice in a way that extends into your day-to-day life and benefits your well-being. Her yoga retreats are ethereal; a true moment to connect with both your inner self and your community. Do yourself a favor and practice with Sarah Pascual!"

- Lauren, Public Practice Student

"I have been practicing with Sarah for over a decade now and am deeply thankful to be part of the yoga community she has grown over the years.  Sarah offers a practice that is accessible to all students from beginners to seasoned yogis.  At the heart of her practice is nourishing breath, deepening awareness, connection with oneself and the elements of nature.  My entire family has practiced with Sarah through private sessions, group classes, workshops, and nature hikes.  I love that she offers so many ways to practice and especially when we get to be outdoors.  I am truly grateful for her as a teacher and the gift she has been in our lives. "

- Maureen, Public and Private Practice Student

"I made my way to my first yoga class two and a half years ago. I was a little nervous and a tad intimidated. Sarah was my teacher that day. Her kindness, intuitiveness and talents as a yoga teacher were undeniable. Two years later I feel strong both mentally and physically, and follow Sarah to her classes and retreats around SF. Thank you Sarah for helping me learn the value of both a flow and a restorative practice. More importantly, thank you for teaching me the value of just breathing. "

- Molly, Public Practice Student and Retreater

"I continue to be amazed by how much more energetic, relaxed, centered and focused I am when I see Sarah.  I feel recharged and ready to face the day! Even if you think you can’t do yoga, you can with Sarah.  Trust me.  I’ve been there." 

- Isobel, One-on-One Student

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