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For the woman seeking support by her own wisdom


Through Integrative Therapeutic yoga and Soul Based Coaching I support Women to awaken their unique potential and embody their innate sacred wisdom. To remember the sanctuary of self and soften back into the sweet embrace of their heart.

“My heart bursts with joy at the thought of helping Women access their true power and awaken their ability to self heal and trust their soul-knowing.”

- Sarah Pascual



  • Looking to develop self-care practices  

  • Preconception, Prenatal and postnatal women 

  • Ready to evolve and deepen ones practice 

  • Experiencing pain or discomfort in the body

  • Seeking modifications for an injury or physical limitation  

  • Too busy to fit your schedule around weekly public classes 

  • Seeking holistic strategies to manage anxiety, depression, and stresses of city life

  • New or returning to yoga and not sure where to start 

Ready to work with Sarah?


  • Deepening mind + body connection and awareness 

  • Mindfulness + breath-work practices 

  • Embodiment practices 

  • Breaking down the fundamentals of yoga

  • Therapeutic hands-on healing/adjustments

  • Self reflective journaling guide and self inquiry prompts 

  • Sacred session notes with meditations & personalized home practices 

  • Exclusive ongoing support during the journey 

  • Book recommendations 


Sessions include elements of energy healing, Yoga, therapeutic conversation, mental health, body awareness and meditation —In these sessions, you’re encouraged to turn inwards to honor your unique essence. Here, you will activate, heal and grow. 


Working weekly, biweekly or on a need to be basis is available. Each session is 60 minutes. 


With time, practice and consistency you will experience increasing self and somatic awareness, flexibility, stability and tools to integrate into your daily life. 


The Embodied Program is a weekly in-person sacred container for you to drop into, land and expand.  A personal journey through Integrative Therapeutic Yoga and Yin, Coaching sessions with Sarah are dedicated to supporting your unique body and evolutionary journey. This method of discovery will help you tap into your own rich inner resources, facilitating sustainable change from the inside out.


Embodied is for you if you are a woman: Seeking accountability and personalized support. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, ready for change, and/or disconnected from your body and soul’s true desire?  Join me. 


Join me for a free discovery call to see if this method of self-exploration and healing is for you. 


In person sessions are held at Nest:

2137 Lombard, 2nd floor

San Francisco, CA 94123


Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support through Yoga

​These sessions are dedicated to holding space for those who are planning pregnancy, are currently pregnant or postpartum. We will safely and tenderly use a range of supportive and gentle practices, all rooted in energetic healing, yoga and holistic care principles.

Clearing Sessions

These sessions are cleansing by nature and designed to support folks in the process of clearing the energetic body. They are ideal at the end of a relationship, life event and/or to mark the closing of a chapter.

Injury Recovery & Trauma Release

Injuries can sideline you from doing the activities you love and cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.  Using somatic floor work along with conscious, focused breathing we will navigate through areas of your physical body and emotions that hold fatigue. This gentle approach will allow you to heal your body while also mitigating the effects your injury has had on the mind and spirit. These sessions are designed with the recognition that trauma affects the entire body, mind and spirit. Together we will work to identify and resolve patterns – conscious and unconscious – that determine how you move, think, and live in light of the trauma you have experienced.

Nervous System Regulation Support

These sessions are designed to support you in addressing increased levels of anxiousness, stress, general feelings of overwhelm or alternatively flatness.

Therapeutics & Restoratives

Designed for those with limited mobility, working with an injury or limitation.

Soul-Based Coaching

Soul Based Coaching guides you closer to your intuition and soul knowing. A modality that relies on Yin (feminine, receptive, inward) energy, curiosity, and self-inquiry. We begin slowly so you may get familiar with and connect to your inner feminine wisdom. Meanwhile, I hold space for your inner knowing to come forth. Unlike traditional styles of coaching, I’m not here to fix or offer solutions, I’m here to help you uncover them. This method of discovery will help you tap into the healer within and give you rich inner resources, facilitating sustainable change from the inside out.



“I continue to be amazed by how much more energetic, relaxed, centered and focused I am when I see Sarah.  I feel recharged and ready to face the day! Even if you think you can’t do yoga, you can with Sarah.  Trust me.  I’ve been there."

- Isobel

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