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The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is 'Yoke'. Yoga can therefore be defined as a means of uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit.

I teach yoga in hopes that through the practice of yoga, we find more grace and ease in all aspects of life. I believe the body is the gateway, the vehicle to access something much greater than achieving a pose. 

I am dedicated to teaching yoga as a life-time tool, as a guide to ultimately move us towards a life with more authenticity and flow. The vast teachings of yoga eventually will pour out into all aspects of our life, making it less about ”doing yoga” and more about the natural transition of “being yoga.” 

- Sarah Pascual

“You’ve got to practice meditation when you walk, stand, lie down, sit and work. While washing your hands, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, drinking tea, talking to friends, or whatever you're doing.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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