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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver


I was that student fresh out of my first teacher training at 21 years old, passionate to share what I had experienced in my body, mind and heart. I dove right in, picking up as many classes as I could. It felt like within a blink of an eye I was a full time yoga teacher. It wasn't long before I was burnt out, tired and stretched too thin. I knew the way I was running my business wasn't sustainable and yet I didn’t want to give up teaching. I needed support. That was the exact moment my mentor showed up: a well-seasoned, highly respected yoga teacher in the community. Our relationship was profound. It changed everything: not only did it save my personal practice and public classes, it ultimately gave me lifelong tools on how to show up for myself and manage my outgoing energy. Essential! 



"Sarah came to me as a mentor in yoga and in life. After practicing with her for a few years and beginning to understand the deeper layers of yoga, She encouraged me to pursue my 200 hour teacher training to deepen my knowledge and practice of yoga. Her leadership and guidance has helped me become not only a confident yoga teacher but has also helped me create a nourishing and conscious lifestyle. The amount of care and love she shares with her students is authentic and  abundant. Her teachings take yoga from the western interpretations of movement and fitness, to peeling back the layers of the more authentic parts of yoga that leave her students feeling held, supported, and nurtured, wanting to come back to class more often and wanting to go deeper." 

- Amanda, Mentorship Student


I work with new yoga teachers who are looking to expand and sharpen their teaching skills. Much like my younger self, you are passionate about yoga and want deeper individual guidance to create a sustainable life as a teacher. 


Together, we find what inspires you to teach. We fine tune your niche. We work intimately to widen the lense of your teachings as we weave in practices of self-care, self-inquiry and ways to nourish yourself as you enter your yoga teacher journey. 


You are:

  • Fresh out of your first teacher training and don’t know where to begin

  • Struggling to build class numbers and/or workshop attendance 

  • Not sure what your “niche” or “specialty” is 

  • Looking to find your authentic voice as teacher 

  • In need of one-on-one individual support

I see you and am here for you! 


Reach out for a free 30 minute consultation call to see if we are the right fit. 

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