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WELCOME! You can now practice with me and our community wherever you are. 

A guide TO YOUR AT-HOME PRACTICE +virtual yoga community

A monthly investment to help you stay intimately connected to your personal yoga practice. When you join, you are joining an online community of dedicated practitioners who, like yourself are curious and seeking to expand their understanding of yoga. The Deep Dive Membership gives you support, accountability, individual guidance and growth. 




  • Unlimited weekly live stream classes

  • A monthly focused theme/mantra 

  • One 30 min one-on-one private session Via Zoom

  • Monthly journal & inquiry prompts 

  • Unlimited access to a growing library of pre-recorded classes

  • Non-judgmental and compassionate environment 

  • Small intimate class size

  • You are seen and receive verbal assists to guide you through your personal practice 

  • PLUS one free guest pass per month 

  • Exclusive SITS Instagram

$180 Per Person

(billed monthly)



  • More consistency in your yoga practice 

  • A deeper understanding of yoga and your body 

  • To revamp your self care rituals 

  • To evolve, deepen and accelerate your practice   

  • A connection to a healthy and inspiring community 

  • One-on-one individual support with Sarah 

  • Holistic strategies and practices to manage the daily stressor of life




"I have been practicing with Sarah for over a decade and am grateful to be a part of her growing yogi community.  Sarah pivoted with the pandemic and transitioned her in-person classes to a virtual studio.  Pre-pandemic, I was able to attend group classes on average about 2 times a week.  In the virtual studio environment, I have a membership and average 5 classes a week!  As a result, my practice has deepened and my mind, body, and soul feel nourished daily during this challenging time.  Sarah lovingly individualizes her classes to meet her students' needs.  She offers a ton of options to modify the practice, allowing students to honor what their body needs that day.  It is amazing how she is able to provide the same attention to detail with her students in a virtual environment, as she did in-person.  Sarah also cultivates a sense of community among her students through offering opportunities to participate in women's groups, nature hikes, and outdoor classes.  What I truly love most about Sarah though, is her authenticity.  Whether there is a playful pet in the room or she admits to eating a huge burrito before class, there is always laughter and joy in the practice.  I am truly grateful for her as a teacher and the many gifts she has brought to my life."    - Sanctuary in the Sky member

"I've been practicing with Sarah for a couple of years now. Her approach, and gentle reminders to explore the full range of each pose, while simultaneously listening to our bodies and honoring where we are at that moment, is something I need in our competitive world.   


When COVID hit, we moved from in studio to online via Zoom. Like many, I struggled to show up during quarantine, walking away from my mat for two full months. On a Sunday evening in late August, full of unmanaged anxiety, I signed up for my favorite class (Restorative) in an attempt to calm my mind, body, and soul.  As we were settled into Savasana, Sarah said to let go of any thoughts that were in our minds at that moment.  My thought at THAT moment was how hearing Sarah's voice, and connecting with myself on my mat, was exactly what I needed. I could literally feel the anxiety in my body calm itself. At that moment, I knew I NEEDED to get back to my mat, and signed up for a monthly membership with Sarah.  I'm an "after 11am" type of yogi, so I take her evening classes, 4-5 times a week.  I'm happy and proud to say that I've managed to do so consistently, since September 1st. "

- Sanctuary in the Sky member

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