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I believe in community and the healing power of feeling connected with one another. I believe in having “a team” -  a wide range of support you can call on when in need or as a general  “self-care” resource. 


When I talk about self-care, I’m not speaking about a mani-pedi or a splurge at a nice restaurant. I’m talking true self care beyond the material layers. The internal maintenance that is necessary for greater ease and flow in mind, body and heart. Below I have a list of wonderful humans doing wonderful work, healing work. I hope you find these useful. 

Stacie Overby, Psychotherapist

San Francisco CA 

Stacie is a well respected psychotherapist and seasoned yoga teacher. She began to integrate the Eastern practices of Yoga with a Western perspective of Psychology during her graduate studies at CIIS in 2006. She found these two modalities of Self transformation to be highly complementary and a potent combination for heart healing and spiritual growth.

Kristin Jamieson,

PT & Urban Holistic Co-Founder


San Francisco, CA

Kristen is a true healer with a phenomenal gift. Her healing touch, wisdom and profound knowledge of the body is felt. 


Her mission is to first help people get out of pain through the use of functional manual therapy. She uses a hands on approach combining soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point and active release, and muscle energy techniques to first release and realign the body. "Once we have freed up mechanical restrictions we begin the process of strengthening and stabilizing, retraining unhealthy movement patterns and habits, and coming to a place of whole system-wide healing." I highly recommend her. 

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